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289 Air Cleaner Assembly
$44.00 $22.00
289 FIA Poster
$14.00 $7.00
289™ Side Emblem
$19.00 $9.50
4-Way Base
$2.50 $1.25
427 Cutaway Poster
$14.00 $7.00
427™ Side Emblem
$19.00 $9.50
6 Bolt Top Ring
$55.00 $27.50
9 Bolt Top Ring
$25.00 $12.50
New in Store
S 2E
$10.00 $5.00
$10.00 $5.00
Specialty Door Panels
$70.00 $35.00
CROW Seatbelt Assembly
$80.00 $40.00

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Cobra® Badge Emblem
This Cobra® emblem is made of acrylic and has a peel off back with strong adhesive to that will..
$5.00 $2.50
Cobra® Nose & Deck Emblem
Cobra nose and deck emblem. Mounted to the front nose and deck of your car. Comes with two backing p..
$17.00 $8.50
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Door Check Straps
Set of two leather door check straps. ..
$50.00 $25.00
Door Latches
Original type door latches with striker plates. Chrome, silent-travel type. Set of two. One right ha..
$150.00 $75.00
Fender Guard, Static Cling
Static Cling Fender Guards are applied easily to your cobra to aid in the protection of your paint. ..
$30.00 $15.00
Reproduction chrome ferrule and nut. These are used for mounting side curtains or rear top bows . Be..
$9.00 $4.50
Fire Extinguisher
Protect your investment with a fire extinguisher. B & C protection with sodium bicarbonate, dry ..
$85.00 $42.50
Fire Extinguisher, Halotron
First FAA approved halon replacement extinguisher. Environmentally acceptable substitute for halon. ..
$135.00 $67.50
Fresh Air Flange
Fresh air flange kit. Used to install duct hose to the nose of small block, Competition and S/C s..
$50.00 $25.00
Fresh Air Hose
Hi-Temp reinforced Neoprene hose with metal spiral. 3” x 10’ Adequate length for one car. This is..
$90.00 $45.00
Front Air Vent Ducts
These molded black ABS plastic vent ducts are used to direct cool air to your footbox or brakes. Att..
$40.00 $20.00
Gas Cap Hardware and Gasket
Hardware and gasket for the Finish Line Gas Cap Assembly. ..
$15.00 $7.50
Gas Cap, Locking
Monza/Le Mans style locking gas cap that was recessed into the S/C Cobra. Constructed of high qualit..
$145.00 $72.50
Handle Set, Locking
Locking Handle Set for your Hood and Trunk Includes two chrome hood handles and one trunk handle ..
$150.00 $75.00
Headlight Assembly
Seal beam headlight assembly. Includes one of each of the following: Bucket Headlight Ret..
$120.00 $60.00
Headlight Gasket
Head Light Rubber Gasket, Lucas. Lucas replacement headlight rubber gasket. Each. ..
$15.00 $7.50
Headlight Relay
This is the relay used to adapt the VW style turn signal switch to use arm mounted button for your h..
$28.00 $14.00
Headlight Rim
Lucas headlight chrome rim. 8 inches across backside. Each. ..
$30.00 $15.00
Headlight Stone Guards
Headlight stone guards. Perfect protection for your front lights. Chrome plated with wire mesh and i..
$28.00 $14.00
Heat Shield Clamps
Heat Shield replacement clamps,available in standard 3 1/2 inch or 4 inch.  Include four clamp..
$70.00 $35.00

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