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Cobra® Coiled Snake Emblem
Cobra® Coiled Snake casting are chrome with black details. They come with a peel off back with stron..
Cobra® Nose & Deck Emblem
Cobra nose and deck emblem. Mounted to the front nose and deck of your car. Comes with two backing p..
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Door Latches
Original type door latches with striker plates. Chrome, silent-travel type. Set of two. One right ha..
Fender Guard, Static Cling
Static Cling Fender Guards are applied easily to your cobra to aid in the protection of your paint. ..
Reproduction chrome ferrule and nut. These are used for mounting side curtains or rear top bows . Be..
Fire Extinguisher
Protect your investment with a fire extinguisher. B & C protection with sodium bicarbonate, dry ..
Fire Extinguisher, Halotron
First FAA approved halon replacement extinguisher. Environmentally acceptable substitute for halon. ..
Fresh Air Flange
Fresh air flange kit. Used to install duct hose to the nose of small block, Competition and S/C s..
Fresh Air Hose
Hi-Temp reinforced Neoprene hose with metal spiral. 3” x 10’ Adequate length for one car. This is..
Front Air Vent Ducts
These molded black ABS plastic vent ducts are used to direct cool air to your footbox or brakes. Att..
Gas Cap Hardware and Gasket
Hardware and gasket for the Finish Line Gas Cap Assembly. ..
Gas Cap, Locking
Monza/Le Mans style locking gas cap that was recessed into the S/C Cobra. Constructed of high qualit..
Handle Set, Locking
Locking Handle Set for your Hood and Trunk Includes two chrome hood handles and one trunk handle ..
Headlight Assembly
Seal beam headlight assembly. Includes one of each of the following:  CURRENTLY OUT OF STOCK. I..
Headlight Gasket
Head Light Rubber Gasket, Lucas. Lucas replacement headlight rubber gasket. Each. ..
Headlight Rim
Lucas headlight chrome rim. 8 inches across backside. Each. ..
Headlight Stone Guards
Headlight stone guards. Perfect protection for your front lights. Chrome plated with wire mesh and i..
Heat Shield Clamps
Heat Shield replacement clamps,available in standard 3 1/2 inch or 4 inch.  Include four cla..
Heat Shields, Ceramic
Heat Shield for Side Pipes, Ceramic.- (Direct bolt on for Factory Five & Shell Valley 3.5" si..
Heat Shields, Chrome
Heat Shield for Side Pipes, Chrome.- (Direct bolt on for Factory Five & Shell Valley 3.5" sid..

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